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Accessahome is no longer operating. 25/5/2015

If you require specialist housing in the South East then you may want to register with Ability Housing directly - Link here.

--------- Legacy information below ------------------------

Accessahome is an on-line housing lettings system for people seeking affordable accessible or adapted housing in the South of England. It is designed to offer wheelchair users and other people who have mobility impairments more housing options and increased choice about where they live.

Applicants can use Accessahome to register their interest in adapted and accessible homes in the affordable sector. Accessahome is used by Ability Housing Association and other landlords to match applicants to vacant accessible homes. Registering with Accessahome can increase your chances of being offered a suitable accessible or adapted home.

Accessahome is not a waiting list and applicants are strongly advised also to register for housing with their local authority. Local authorities have nomination rights to most properties in the affordable sector.

To register as an applicant or a property provider, please click on the "Register" link. Once registered you will be provided with a login ID and password, which you can use to tell us more about the type of home you need and where you want to live.

Accessahome can be used as part of choice based lettings systems and can assist with cross authority transfers. To find out more please use the 'Contact Us' link on the left.

Accessahome is provided by Ability Housing Association and Fresh Interactive. Ability provides accessible and supported housing in London and the South of England only.

If you have a property for sale or you wish to buy in the private sector then we suggest you visit our partners at www.mobilityfriendlyhomes.co.uk .


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Accessahome Leaflet

We have created an A4 leaflet outlining the accessahome service. Download Here
(pdf 1.2M)